Christian Testimony Video | "Only Honesty Brings Human Likeness"

22 09 2020

The main character has an office furniture business, and she does business very honestly when she's first starting out, placing orders strictly according to customers' requirements. But later on, she finds out that the owners of the store next door, who sell the same kind of furniture, are earning a lot more money than her. She starts to learn from them and picks up some crafty ways to cheat customers, until, over time, she loses even the most basic level of conscience. After accepting Almighty God's work of the last days, she comes to understand through the revelation and judgment of God's words that God takes joy in the honest and detests deceivers. She then clearly sees the essence and consequences of her own lying, cheating, and underhandedness. She prays to God and resolves to practice being an honest person in accordance with God's words, and gradually she comes to live out the likeness of a human being.

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